Strategic posting of target audience-relevant content is key to grow customer engagement, produce loyalty, and ultimately sales with measurable results. Consistently rich imagery and video produces the greatest engagement rise, enabling ad campaigns that deliver sales and traffic to our customers websites.

Dame Allan’s Schools

Dame Allan’s Schools, is a collection of independent day schools. Founded in 1705, the original schools are two of the oldest in Newcastle upon Tyne. The schools are future-focused and there is always much of interest throughout the calendar year. Social media has rapidly become a valued source of forthcoming events, sporting achievements, and important news for bpth parents and students. It is also an outlet for communicating the annual campaign that celebrates its unique diamond structure.

Unique Training and Education

Unique Education and Training offer a diverse and ever-growing range of
qualifications for fitness and well-being professionals. With new courses and valuable funding becoming available on a daily basis, the social media has become the go-to source for people looking to upskill in the industry they love.

A distinctive creative styling has enabled Unique Education to build a brand that is well recognised, content which drives traffic to their website and ads that produce leads and sales.

Wynyard Homes

Wynyard Homes has five active developments across the North East to North Yorkshire with a selection of luxurious contemporary and traditional designs, each with their own audience. With beautiful and creative content, the Wynyard Homes social pages are used to promote each development, with measurable results across website visitors and lead generation we have some impression cost per acquisition figures across campaigns.