Who we are today was never our plan. But sometimes your work just speaks for itself. And like a great piece of art, people desire to own it. Working for a big advertising agency for many years, we were hidden away from clients. We were the faceless masterminds behind campaigns. We didn’t mind. But not having direct contact with clients meant we didn’t always get it right first time. Things were lost in translation. And that was very frustrating. So we decided we’d had enough of rigid agency processes and we’d try something new.

In 2002 we had big ideas. We set-up an illustration business. We had a plan, but this plan didn’t involve attracting one of the biggest British brands as a long-time advertising and design client. However, like a great brand we evolved and grew into our business. We took everything we hated about working in the industry and made a commitment to behave differently. We took on like-minded people. Our creatives don’t hide behind sales staff. We don’t use marketing-speak. We take the proper time to get to know our clients face-to-face. If you want to make your brand a hero, you want work that works.

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